Weekly Actions to Resist Trump

Calls Made Together

Since 11/21/2016

Calling our legislators is one of our most important tools to stand up to Donald Trump and his administration. But a lot of us are feeling a little overwhelmed by so many different issues and asks to call about. Every week we'll post a new action of the week here, and make it super easy for you to get the information and a script to help you call.

We also have a bank of scripts ready on a whole range of issues important to you – so you can use our tools to call Congress whenever you’d like!

If you want to give feedback or get in touch go here.

Headed to a rally or meeting? Print our flier and take it with to spread the word.

This site is built using data from this amazing spreadsheet. Thanks to Kara for inspiring this wonderful initiative. We're collaborating with a fantastic group of other people who organized online initiatives like ours. You can see more of them here--Please check them out if you’re interested in doing even more!

Who We Are:
M is a social work student and designer living in Greater Boston. She's white, and Jewish, and has a college degree. Her primary life mission is to use her clinical, design, and technical skills to support the struggle for disability rights. She built this website because she, like most everyone she knows, was desperately trying to find a way she could be a part of a massive, progressive, intersectional movement to save our democracy from Donald Trump, and she saw a way to contribute with code.

J is a political communications professional living in Greater Boston. He's white, male, heterosexual, Jewish and college educated. His goal in life is to do whatever he can to help America live up to its grand promises and make it a country where equal rights and equal opportunities for all are a reality. He is helping out with the Weekly Resistance because he believes Donald Trump poses an unprecedented challenge to American democracy, our constitutional values and to the basic rights and dignity of millions of people, and it is all of our responsibility to prevent as much damage as possible and achieve whatever progress we can in spite of him.

About how we choose the weekly action and donation recipient:
We have pulled together a team of activists who are connected to folks doing organizing work on the ground who will work together to pick a weekly action. We will come up with our own ideas, collaborate with the other creators of online tools, and consider ideas submitted here, to choose what we think is the highest impact action each week. The model we are aiming for right now is to have a process in which White people are doing the bulk of the labor in a manner that is accountable to the leadership and feedback of People of Color.
We would love to hear your ideas, too! You can submit them here.

Past actions of the week:

Tell Congress investigate #RussiaGate + Donate to Forward Together
Tell your governor to let everyone use the bathroom + Donate to BreakOUT!
Tell congress not to let Trump try to kill the EPA + Donate to WE ACT
Tell congress to #SaveObamacare, Protect the Medicaid Expansion + Donate to ADAPT
Tell congress to #StandWithDreamers and Support the BRIDGE Act + Donate to Movimiento Cosecha
Tell governors to #ProtectProtesters + Donate to The Indigenous Environmental Network
Make Congress Use Every Tool It Has to Block The Ban For Good + Donate to The Council on American-Islamic Relations
Tell the senate #WeSayNo to the Billionaires’ Best Friend Gorsuch on the Supreme Court + Donate to The National Immigration Law Center
Tell the senate #WeSayNo to Conservative Extremists on the Supreme Court + Donate to SisterSong
Tell your governor #TheWorldCannotWait on Climate Change + Donate to The Society of Native Nations
Tell Congress Honor MLK, #RestoreTheVRA + Donate to North Carolina NAACP
Tell Congress #WeAreTheMajority + Donate to The Third Wave Fund
Say #thanksObamacare + Donate to The Positive Women's Network
#NoBlankCheck to make war + Donate to The Syrian American Medical Society Foundation
Demand Clemency for the #unfairlySentenced + Donate to the Equal Justice Initiative
Say #thanksObamacare + Donate to The Positive Women's Network
Stand with Standing Rock + Donate to Oceti Sakowi Camp
Ask congress to investigate Trump's finances
Stop Bannon